Friday, March 11, 2011

Top Ten List

Waiting for the End by Linkin Park - Our Number 1 Song Choice

Here on Indie Alternative Rock, sometimes we like to provide our readers with a top ten list of different things.  We're hoping these lists can provide you with some cool songs, bands, or just music in general that can broaden your music knowledge or taste.  Not only are these great songs, but some are also the coolest videos we've seen in a while. These lists aren't going to be posted very often, so check them out as much as you can!  Click on the song names for a link to the song download. And if you have an idea for a top ten list that you would like us to post, comment! We love hearing from you and love learning about new music as well!

Top Ten Indie/Alternative Songs 
According to the Indie Team

1.  Waiting For The End  (Linkin Park)

2.  Little Lion Man  (Mumford and Sons)

3.  Love Lost  (The Temper Trap)

4.  Underground  (Ben Folds)

5.  Come Away  (Crash Kings)

6.  1983  (Neon Trees)

7.  Uprising  (Muse)

8.  Kings and Queens  (30 Seconds to Mars)

9.  Rockin' the Suburbs  (Ben Folds)

10.  Typical  (Mutemath)

Don't agree with our list?  That's ok!  Let us know what you'd like to be changed.  Post some comments or start a discussion online. 


  1. Linkin Park! 30 Seconds To Mars! Muse! Temper Trap! My music... O.o I think I'm going to get to know Mumford and Sons a little bit better after this song... Inspiring ;))

  2. Hey thanks! We really appreciate you checking out our blog! Yes Mumford and Sons are great! We would suggest checking out "The Cave"

  3. We would also suggest taking a listen to Dustbowl Dance and White Blank Page as well by Mumford and Sons


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