Monday, April 4, 2011

The Lips

Anthony Laido of The Lips
Today we're going to show you an awesome new Indie band called "The Lips."  Here on Indie Alternative Rock, we believe in praising the best, and exposing the up and coming bands.  We're predicting that this band will be a great Indie music group that will gain many listeners over the course of the next few years.  Take a look at the info that we came up with!

BIO/PRESS: "The Lips" are an accomplished independent garage/punk duo from Oakland, New Jersey. "The Lips" started out as an experimental side project consisting of mostly electronic music in May of 2009, but has changed drastically since. Having won more than 20 songwriting awards worldwide, and focusing on extremely raw songwriting and production, it is only a matter of time until "The Lips" are recognized as one of the greatest independent artists of recent memory. They are expecting to release their debut album "A Generation In A Jar" in the summer of 2011. *THE AM demo EP is available via download now*

Heres what some other listeners had to say...

"The words are simple. 'I don't really think you know too much about anything.' That is the opening sentence on the title track 'Why Is There A Jew On The Cross?' off the debut demo by "The Lips." Controversial? Yes. Original? Yes. Good? YES!!! It is obvious someone doesn't care about selling out or trying to fit in to the industry that seems to be dying more and more every single day. The Lips' unique blend of garage/punk rock, and electronic pop anchor a sound desperately needed in a time where originality seems to be fading. *****!!!"
Jason @ Banana Peel Radio - BC Radio in Vancouver

"To say Anthony M. Laido is an artist is an understatement. Laido (The Lips' frontman) has created one of the most original sounds in recent memory. His first release since his years as a member of 'DubSound Distortion' as a teen, show the industry once again why he is one of the very few rising stars of this generation. The full-length debut demo is not only original, but is an unbelievable work of art. The music in very few words, could be described as 'disturbing pop music, that leaves you wanting more, and more, and more.' If you haven't heard this remarkable band yet, I suggest you do so immediately."
Some Different Accomplishments... 2007-2009 - Anthony M. Laido received 20 songwriting awards world-wide before his 19th birthday, including 7 wins for VH-1's "Song of the Year" competition. Anthony M. Laido received 2 "Grindie" awards for Best Alternative Rock Album 2 consecutive years (2008-2009). 2010 - "The Lips" were aired on over 400 radio stations world-wide, including 101.9 RXP (New York City FM) and garnered regular airplay on a number of FM stations in Burbank, California. 2011 - "The Lips" were the featured "Artist of the Month" on Purevolume.

Our Opinion..Personally, The Indie Team believes that "The Lips" are a great excuse to listen to Indie music.  Anthony Laido has made this band into something amazing over the past few years.  With his original sound, creative name, and massive experience in the industry, we believe that Anthony Laido and "The Lips" are worth listening to any day of the week.  Check out this great band, you won't regret it. 


*If you like what you hear be sure to check out The Lips on itunes


  1. I have been following this kid since the beginning, and it's no surprise on the cover of yet ANOTHER website. This band is incredible and is already starting to blow up! So glad to see Anthony on another site!

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome! congrats man!

  3. <333Love ya antttt

  4. its jessss:) looks great as usual!!! CHECK OUT THIS BAND EVERYONE:)

  5. Nice man, glad to see you're movin' further and further.


  6. soooooo happy for you--much continued success!!!


  7. Pretty sick man--lovin' the new songs too.


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  10. Guys thanks so much for the love--check out the new video for my new song below--thanks again!

    --Anthony M. Laido

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