Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club

Straight out of Ireland with plenty of carrying guitar lines backed up by electronic beats as well as lyrics that are sure to be stuck in your head all day, Two Door Cinema club's music is infectious to say the least. With the release of their first album "Tourist History" in March of 2010, Sam Halliday, Alex Trimble, and Kevin Baird caught the attention of listeners in Ireland as well as other European countries.
Two Door Cinema Club first appeared on the radar in the US with singles off their album "Now I Can Talk" and "What You Know." Their music is amazingly smooth, blending the clever lyrics with their trademark instrumentals.

"Undercover Martyn" begins with a punchy guitar line, then backs off a tad with more relaxed vocals, but the tempo returns through the chorus, which is punctuated by "whoahs," which does nothing but benefit an already solid song.

Another excellent song from the group from County Down is "Something Good Can Work." With lightning fast lyrics, Two Door Cinema Club's usual energizing beats, and a bridge consisting of a bit of pub-esque shouting, it holds up well among all of their other excellent work.

As for their most popular song in the States, "What You Know" leads in, like most of their songs, with a sweet guitar riff, then backs off a bit to bare vocals with some rhythm. But the speed is quickly returned after the verse. Towards the end of the song, they break it down a bit with some more a more techno approach before returning to their usual style to end the song in fine form.

Among other praise on a few of Two Door Cinema Club's videos on YouTube, self proclaimed "Metalheads" say that they are surprisingly very fond of Two Door Cinema Club's sound. So even if this style is not exactly your thing, give them a shot. If nothing else, they will have you humming/whistling/singing their lyrics constantly.