Monday, February 21, 2011

The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap.  Rolls off the tongue right?  If you think the name sounds great you should really take a listen to their music.  Filled with ambient tones and amazing guitar delay, The Temper Trap has revolutionized the idea of Indie Music.

Why do we like them so much?  What makes them worth listening to? be honest, they're actually just really different.  This might seem like an understatement, but sometimes different is a good thing.  Before we even move on, you're probably asking yourself if there really is any variety in difference.  What makes something different...good.  And what makes something different...bad.  Well our example of a "good different" is The Temper Trap.  But what does "bad different" look like?  Lets just say if you see a band at a show with banjos, synths, and violins, you shouldn't stay to see them play.  They're trying really hard to be different, making them kinda bad (although then again, some people could totally pull off that kind of music and be amazing).  But enough of that..lets take a better look at some of The Temper Trap's songs.

1.  "Sweet Disposition"

By far, this is the bands most popular song and best song in our opinion.  The song starts out with delay guitar, which sets the ambient mood and prepares the voice for its intro.  The most surprising part about this song is that the vocals are sung in falsetto for most of the duration.  In the middle of the intro, the bass drum comes in with solid quarter notes.  (If you decide to see this band live, the subtle bass drum hits in the beginning are actually massive explosions through the sub woofers.  Be prepared.)  Throughout the song, the idea of solid quarter notes is carried out in the verses and the choruses have a weird groove that changes the different sections of the piece.  Overall this song is an amazing song.  One word to describe it would be "mellow."

2.  "Fader"

One of the more upbeat songs from this band is called "Fader."  The song begins with another ambient solo tone.  But it totally kicks off right away with solid drum beat.  The cool thing about this song is that the lead singer decided to drop the falsetto in the verse and switch to it in the sing along chorus unlike Sweet Disposition.  The Indie Team loves it when bands switch up their songs like that.  The other great thing about this song is that the verses are quiet compared to the chorus.  This allows the sing along chorus to really stand out compared to the rest of the song.  Overall, this song is one of The Temper Trap's best.

To be honest, we could write about The Temper Trap all day as we try to show you how amazing they really are.  But the only way for you to agree with our opinion is to listen to these songs, and more by The Temper Trap.  We're even going to be nice and give you some links (Just because we love our readers).  

So go on!  Run to their Myspace page, Youtube their music videos, and most importantly enjoy their music.  Thanks for reading.

The Indie Team.


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