Friday, February 25, 2011

Crash Kings

Crash Kings

You're about to take a crash course into the kings of piano rock n' roll.  What's that?  You don't know what that is?  I'll tell you right now that the definition of piano rock is the band by the name of Crash Kings.  They take the sweet delicacy out of piano and replace it with killer chords.  They take the distortion from guitar and give it to their bass.  They take the amazing style of Chris Cornell's voice (lead singer of Audioslave) and turn it into their own.  They take the rules of rock, and they break them over their instruments.  This band is sweet.

Lets analyze how this concoction works.  What gives this band originality?  What's the icing on the cake?  The thing that makes this band amazing is their lead singer Tony Beliveau.  He's got it all.  He plays amazing piano, he plays guitar solos on his organ, and he sings like an outcasted angel.

The piano in the music of Crash Kings isn't like anything you've ever heard.  It's blunt.  It's in your face.  And most importantly, it's unpredictable.  In their song "Mountain Man" there are random upper range chords that are played on random beats.  The idea sounds chaotic, but the music sounds great.  The lead singer even has different tones in his keyboard.  He goes from electric piano to regular piano constantly.  This variety really brings good music to the table.

The craziest thing about the lead singer's piano is his guitar tone.  What?  A guitar tone on a keyboard?  You're probably thinking that guitar tones sound crappy on a keyboard.  Not on this one.  It sounds exactly like a guitar.  There's no telling the difference.  He even has a bar on the side of his keyboard that bends the pitch of each note depending on how much he pushes on it.  Crazy.  Different.  Amazing.

The most important aspect of the music of Crash Kings is the lead singer's voice.  It's so good!  He hits notes higher on the scale than anyone we know.  The Indie Team is in awe.  Literally.  I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that some whiney bands have singers who hit high notes, and they sound really bad.  The lead singer from Crash Kings is far from that.  He has it all.  He has volume.  He has talent.  And he has an amazing range.

Seriously.  If you're not freaking out about this band yet, you need to listen to their music.  And if you are freaking out...calm down and put those headphones in.  It's time for some Crash Kings.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Linkin Park

Linkin Park

We all remember Linkin Park as one of those bands who was overplayed on just about every radio station years and years ago.  People got tired of the rap/rock music that changed the game of music.  So a couple of years later, they came out with a single called "What I've Done," one of the more popular tunes in their career.  Once again, this was another overplayed song on the radio which was forgotten by most music listeners.  So they tried again with a song that sounded similar.  "Across the New Divide" was their next single that shot up the music charts, but was unfortunately forgotten yet again.  Why was Linkin Park always fed the short end of the stick?  Because they were saving their massive hits for today.  The future of music was given to us by Linkin Park in the form of their new album, "A Thousand Suns."

What happened?  They had such a set style!  It didn't seem like Linkin Park was ever going to change from their sound.  Well they decided to give their songs variety by effecting their guitars, trying new weird melodies, and dropping even more sick beats, one of the great things that their good at.

Don't believe me?  Go listen to them!  One of their songs has grown to be one of the most popular indie songs in the business.  "Waiting for the End," is a mixture of solid beats, empty verses, and crazy choruses.  The cool thing's so simple!  The verse alone is just a drum beat with a synth tone.  Another crazy thing is that the guitar solo is literally just two notes.  What makes it good is that it's played over the hip hop drum beat while effected through a pedal.  Years ago, Linkin Park was all about the essence of "hardcore."  It seemed like that had the hardest vocals, and the hardest rap tracks.  They even had some pretty intense guitar riffs.  Basically they were doing their best to be a really hard rock band.  Not anymore.  Linkin Park has really stepped outside of their comfort zone with some of the new stuff that they released, and it's proving to be relentless in the music industry.

The Indie Team officially loves Linkin Park.  We love their new style.  We love their new tones.  We love their new songwriting techniques.  We might even be starting to obsess over them a little (just kidding).  But in all seriousness, this is a band that you should take the time to listen to.  Even if it is some of their older stuff.  Go ahead! Go listen to the great sounds of Linkin Park.

Question of the Day
What kind of emotions are you feeling during the end of "Waiting for the End?"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Langly Interview


Langly is the new sound of Christian alternative rock.  We, the Indie Team, find them to be a great mix of good tones and good messages.  For this band, we really like the idea of the message that they're trying to send.  We usually discuss the music behind bands on Indie Alternative Rock, but today we're going to focus on beliefs.  We'll provide some links or videos so that you can listen to this great band.  The cool thing we love about Langly is that they sing about the Christian religion, and serving God.  We find they're music very serious, and very good at the same time and we also respect them a lot for what they do.  Sometimes it can be really hard to play religious music for people.  What if those people aren't religious?  This could be an obstacle for picking up new fans, but Langly seems to get around it.    But seriously, what do we know about Langly?  Well to be honest we didn't know a lot until we asked them a few questions.  Take a look.... 

The Interview

Q:  What is the sole purpose of your music?

    I have to say that the sole purpose in our music is to target people that think Christians are just bible reading, church going, bible thumpers. We aim to show them that in our music that it's not always about straight up saying "I love you Jesus" in each and every song. We want to show people that our music is just as good as any secular bands music, but we try to bring a positive influence and songs that everyday people can compare to

Q:  What are some pros and cons of being a Christian rock band?

When we chose to become a Christian band we knew it would come with its pros and cons. On the positive side, through the ministry that God has given us we have the opportunity to reach a diverse group of people. I feel that because of our age we have a larger influence on the teenage crowd, which is about the time where they are going through changes spiritually and mentally. So I'm thankful that we are able to kind of put our foot in the door and spread the seeds that God has given us to sow. I cant say there are any negatives more like challenges to overcome. Because we are a Christian band we have a reputation to uphold, not only our reputation but that of our Savior. We have to be extra careful of what we say, what we do, how we act etc. These challenges and opportunities have molded us into the band we are today!

Q:  How would you describe your live show?

We've seen a lot of bands get on the stage, play there music, get off the stage and not say a word. For the people watching its kind of uncomfortable. So when we play we like to make the audience feel like they're a part of the family. Also at the start and end of every show we always invite the audience to come and hang out with us.

Q: What's it like working out of West Virginia?

We've seen a lot of bands get on the stage, play there music, get off the stage and not say a word. For the people watching its kind of uncomfortable. So when we play we like to make the audience feel like they're a part of the family. Also at the start and end of every show we always invite the audience to come and hang out with us. 

Q:  Who are some of your influences?

Paramore, Switchfoot, Needtobreathe, Run Kid Run, Stellar Kart, Anberlin, David Crowder, Skillet, etc..

Q:  What is one message that you would want to get across to your fans?
Hard work always pays off! Keeps your eyes fixed on Christ and Christ alone!! Be thankful for what God has given you and remember who you are and where you came from! Don't let egos get in the way!

We loved the new information we dug up from this great band.  And if you would like to get some more info on Langly, we provided some links at the bottom.  Go check them out!  Great music.  Great band.  

Question of the Day
After listening to Langly, how are they different from other bands

Monday, February 21, 2011

30 Seconds to Mars

30 Seconds To Mars
You're about a couple seconds away from listening to one of the best alternative bands of our time.  That's right. 30 Seconds to Mars has jumped to the top of the music industry as one of the best alternative bands in the business.  Not only can they please a crowd, but they can please a wide variety of listeners with they're mainstream sound.  To show you how awesome this band really is, we're going to show you our top favorite things about 30 Seconds to Mars.  But don't worry, unlike their name, you'll have all the time in the world to learn more about this band and fall in love with their sound.

This Is War
30 Seconds To Mars' Newest Album
First and foremost, the Indie Team loves 30 Seconds to Mars's sound.  It's amazing!  They have such a unique sound, yet at this very moment, it's the sound of mainstream alternative.  Here's a little description for you.  30 Seconds to Mars uses guitar very well.  They create different tones ranging from effected to guitar, to a meaty sound with some great reverb.  On top of the variety in their guitar tones are the solid beats of the drummer.  Their drum parts really set the tone for their songs.  Unlike some bands, the drums have dynamics, which means that they know how to quiet down parts when other instruments have the spotlight.  This is a cool aspect of drums that isn't found much unless you're listening to some of the best professional bands.  The last great thing about their sound is obviously their vocals.  The lead singer really knows how to sing.  He constantly belts out his parts in the choruses and sings nice soft tones in the verses.  Basically, this band has many different tones for important parts in their music.

The other thing that the Indie Team loves about 30 Seconds to Mars is their live show.  You're probably asking yourself right now... "Don't most bands have a great live show?"  To be honest..the quality of a live show is determined by the fans of the band.  And this band has tons of fans.  The one thing that the fans love about 30 Seconds to Mars is that their show sounds pretty close to the CD.  This quality isn't found a lot anymore in the music industry.  Their live show is also funded by the huge amount of money they make from everything they sell.  This means awesome lights, amazing stages, and most importantly, a great crew to help make a great show.  

Overall, this is a great band to be listening to right now.  With their awesome music and they're amazing show, 30 Seconds to Mars has shot to the top of the music industry, showing us all that they know how to please a listener.  Go take a listen!  The Indie Team recommends it.

Official Website-

The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap.  Rolls off the tongue right?  If you think the name sounds great you should really take a listen to their music.  Filled with ambient tones and amazing guitar delay, The Temper Trap has revolutionized the idea of Indie Music.

Why do we like them so much?  What makes them worth listening to? be honest, they're actually just really different.  This might seem like an understatement, but sometimes different is a good thing.  Before we even move on, you're probably asking yourself if there really is any variety in difference.  What makes something different...good.  And what makes something different...bad.  Well our example of a "good different" is The Temper Trap.  But what does "bad different" look like?  Lets just say if you see a band at a show with banjos, synths, and violins, you shouldn't stay to see them play.  They're trying really hard to be different, making them kinda bad (although then again, some people could totally pull off that kind of music and be amazing).  But enough of that..lets take a better look at some of The Temper Trap's songs.

1.  "Sweet Disposition"

By far, this is the bands most popular song and best song in our opinion.  The song starts out with delay guitar, which sets the ambient mood and prepares the voice for its intro.  The most surprising part about this song is that the vocals are sung in falsetto for most of the duration.  In the middle of the intro, the bass drum comes in with solid quarter notes.  (If you decide to see this band live, the subtle bass drum hits in the beginning are actually massive explosions through the sub woofers.  Be prepared.)  Throughout the song, the idea of solid quarter notes is carried out in the verses and the choruses have a weird groove that changes the different sections of the piece.  Overall this song is an amazing song.  One word to describe it would be "mellow."

2.  "Fader"

One of the more upbeat songs from this band is called "Fader."  The song begins with another ambient solo tone.  But it totally kicks off right away with solid drum beat.  The cool thing about this song is that the lead singer decided to drop the falsetto in the verse and switch to it in the sing along chorus unlike Sweet Disposition.  The Indie Team loves it when bands switch up their songs like that.  The other great thing about this song is that the verses are quiet compared to the chorus.  This allows the sing along chorus to really stand out compared to the rest of the song.  Overall, this song is one of The Temper Trap's best.

To be honest, we could write about The Temper Trap all day as we try to show you how amazing they really are.  But the only way for you to agree with our opinion is to listen to these songs, and more by The Temper Trap.  We're even going to be nice and give you some links (Just because we love our readers).  

So go on!  Run to their Myspace page, Youtube their music videos, and most importantly enjoy their music.  Thanks for reading.

The Indie Team.


If you are enjoying The Temper Trap...check out Crash Kings

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Letters for Lovers

Members from left: Kim Long, Courtnee Owens, Cody Fiddner, Ciaran Carmichael

Picture this.  A four piece alternative rock band that isn't trying to sound like the mainstream stars.  Hard to believe right?  Well we found them.  Recently, the "Indie Team" has been listening to a great band by the name of Letters for Lovers.  These Pennsylvania locals know how to incorporate sweet piano chords with the "bubble-gum" feel of alternative. 

These days Myspace is filled with "wannabe" alternative stars.  These bands consist of teenage kids who are writing really bad songs for their girlfriends (This is the basic generalization).  The "Indie Team" has a lot of respect for any band who's trying to write music in the industry.  But for really good rock bands, it's hard to stand out in the large crowd of alternative music.  Letters for Lovers found a way to get noticed by their fans.  The first key difference that we saw with Letters for Lovers is that they incorporated piano as one of their main instruments.  Not many artists have been trying this technique, and to be honest, it's really unfortunate.  The piano provides songs with different tones that guitar can't accomplish.  The most important factor in the music of Letters for Lovers is the catchy melodies.  Alternative music has been following the same trend of whiney voices and cheesy lyrics, and on top is this, it's not even producing good melodies.  Letters for Lovers has worked hard over the years to please their listeners with "sing along" choruses and catchy verses.  All we have to say to them is thankyou for providing alternative music with variety.

On top of showing the industry that they're a different alternative band, Letters for Lovers has also tried reaching other listeners. 

Recently the mainstream radio stations have been playing a song called Dynamite by Taio Cruz.  In an attempt to advertise their music, and play great music, Letters for Lovers covered this popular song in a live recording session.  They took the idea of "four on the floor" drums and combined it with the great sounds of acoustic bass and acoustic guitar.  The song sounds really different from the original version, but the similarities are still there.  Overall, this song was covered very well by Letters for Lovers.

So check out Letters for Lovers!  At the bottom of the post, you can find a couple of links including the youtube video so that you can forward it to your friends.  Thanks for visiting Indie Alternative Rock.  Seeya next time.

The "Indie Team"

Dynamite Cover

Youtube -

Friday, February 18, 2011


Hey there friends.  Thanks for visiting the Indie Alternative Rock Blog. This blog is for you, the "listener."  We want to create an environment for you to where you can read about the indie bands you love.   Usually indie music isn't aired on mainstream radio, so it's really hard to find the trends that are happening in the music industry.  It's also hard to find your own trends in the field of Indie music.  That's why we're here.  We want to show you awesome things about big bands, and great things about obscure bands so that we can help them advertise as well.

Another great thing about Indie music is that the genre is so broad.  We want to cover all topics concerning this genre.  The way we see it is like this: Indie music is like the idea of music on a smaller scale.  There are tons of different types.  And different people enjoy listening to those different types.  We don't want to be an "exclusive blog" where variety isn't present.  We want to please almost all listeners. 

One of the final things that we would like to show you as the reader are some of the emotions that we feel from listening to our favorites.  Listening to music is a worldwide hobby, and for us, our ways of listening change everyday.  We love getting new ideas on simple things such as setting your EQ's on your stereo system, or complex ideas such as theme or motive.

Just to give you a little taste of what is to come, here is a sample of 13 cool indie songs you might enjoy:

So feel free to visit as much as you'd like.  If you like the blog, tell your friends.  And if you hate it, feel free to leave suggestions at  We love advice. 
Thanks again.

The "Indie Team"