Monday, July 11, 2011


The other day I was doing the usual, searching Facebook to listen to some awesome, yet still undiscovered bands.  I came across one band that had an amazing offer.  You could download their entire new album entirely free! So I clicked on the link and found one of my new favorite websites.  If you have never heard of you need to go check it out now! In fact, I'll include the link before I even finish my post.  Click here

Now what makes NoiseTrade different from other music download sites is incredible.  First, they legally offer free downloads of bands anywhere from local indie groups who post their music to some bands touring nationally and internationally.  All they request is that you submit them your zip code and email address to join the band's mailing list.  You can go check your email for the link to the download and next thing you know you're rocking out in your bedroom to some sweet tunes.  However, this is only the beginning to NoiseTrade's genius.

When a band's music is uploaded to the site, the album is placed on its on searchable profile.  Included on this profile are widgets to "like" the band or musician's Facebook page, visit their various online presences, buy their music, view their twitter stream, and share the music on your own Facebook page, twitter, or email, and leave a comment.  This allows for great viral growth for the band's featured!

However, although has some amazing features, my favorite of them is the unique idea to allow viewers to donate to the band what they believe the album is worth.  Sure you can get your music for free by just submitting your information, but if you have ever been in a band, you know the hard work and expensive gear it takes to create some amazing music.  It's a really humbling experience as a band if you are essentially told what you are worth.  I love this concept, so way to go!

Now if this didn't excite you to go check out the site, I don't know what will! So go check it out and find some awesome music!! If you hear anything you like, be sure to post it below so all our readings can share the experience the music together.

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